Friday, January 7, 2011

Helpful Tool: PasteCopy

Often when I'm giving demos, I'll need to type in a sentence or two into a text field. This is no big deal, I can type pretty fast, but we all have those days when we can't type to save our lives. And invariably, this happens when lots of people are watching. To help avoid this, I've been using a freeware clipboard manager called PasteCopy. This lets me store off sentences that I will use in demos, URLs to send to participants who are in webinars, or paths to files that I commonly need. I keep PasteCopy open on another monitor, and when I need to get at one of the stored strings, I just pop over to that monitor, click on the desired string in PasteCopy, and then it's ready to be pasted into the desired field. It works beautifully and has saved me lord knows how many incorrect keystrokes.

PasteCopy installs in about 3 seconds and has a very light footprint. You can check it out at

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